Tony, It was such a pleasure meeting you. You really have a gift—reading dogs. This is stuff that can't be taught. I was mightily impressed. I hope you go long and far in the dog world. If I can ever help in any way, let me know. ~Sue Sternberg-Roundout Valley Animals for Adoption, Accord, NY


You've got the charisma of the Dog Whisperer, but with education and professional industry experience. We first met Tony over a year ago in his position as a manager of a dog daycare. Since that time we and our dogs have had the privilege of utilizing Tony’s knowledge in his capacity as a trainer, dog/house sitter and doggie daycare owner. We have two dogs, ages 4 months and 2 years. Tony has always treated our dogs with the utmost care and regard. His love for dogs shines through in all of his interactions with them, as does his skill in training them. We adore our dogs, and are careful by nature, and we do not worry when they are with him. We have felt comfortable giving him a key to our house so that he is able to come in and walk, play and train our dogs while we are at work. Our dogs love Tony and always greet him with the utmost joy and respect. He has always been available to offer thoughts and advice. Our family is richer for knowing him. ~ Four very satisfied friends-Carrie, Danielle, Ezri & Atrayu


I met Tony about a year and a half ago. On our very first meeting I was impressed with Tony and the way he greeted and handled her. He had a way about him that endeared him to the animals he cared for, and it was apparent that he loved what he did. Wherever Tony goes and whatever he does, I hope it's with dogs as someone as professional and passionate as he is about their work doesn't come around that often.Tony is a truly professional and caring individual who “goes above and beyond” when it comes to caring for my Bernese Mountain Dog. He always made me feel like my dog was the “top dog” and I had full confidence that our boy was in good hands and treated extremely well. ~Jeff & Milo


When we can't be with our dog, we were fortunate to have Tony to look after him. Tony provides our dog, Ichabod, with as much love and care as we do!Tony took the time to get to know us and Ichabod, which was wonderful. He formed a strong relationship with Ichabod which is evident as Ichabod became Tony's "shadow". Tony proved to be a knowledgeable and caring pet sitter and look forward to continuing our partnership with him. ~Janet & Bill


I love how well Rocky is cared for with the personal attention and the emails after each visit. Thank you for everything. ~Lisa & Rocky


Peace of mind knowing you would take good care of Hadji. We really appreciate receiving your personal comments when we return home. We are very happy with the service Tony provides. ~Janet & Hadji


Our pets were happy and well taken care of; you exceeded our expectations, great job Tony. ~Ed, Fran, Tre & Mini


My six cats were so well cared for and the house was kept clean while I was away. That was a big help. When I got home and saw how well you had taken care of everything, I was very impressed. No other pet sitter has ever done that much. Thank you. ~Jennifer


We appreciated the way things were explained to us. You made sure we understood. Your love for dogs really shows. Everything about our experience with you has been positive, from the training to the potty breaks. Thank you. ~Jim, Penny & Hunter


Personal touch!! Not just doing a drive by. Loved the detail in the note and interacting with Lexi. Thanks so much, I think Lexi already misses you. ~Stacey, Joe & Lexi


Attention to detail, coming home to a happy cat (and a clean litter boxJ) thank you Tony. ~David & Crackers


House calls…Truly loved that Tony came to us, he was so flexible with his time, and affordable. We felt very comfortable with Tony. It was easy to talk and present situations to him. Tony was always patient with us. We were very pleased and satisfied with his services and will definitely use him again and recommend him as well. Thank you Tony. ~Barbara, Bill & Milo


We think it’s great that you are so flexible and that you can add days that you come out when needed. I am completely satisfied with your service. It feels good to have someone we can trust with our dog when we are not at home. ~Debbie, Glenn & Biscuit


We loved the attention to detail and your genuine love for animals. Thank you for taking care of our babies. ~Mike, Stephanie, Buddy & Lilly


You were polite, friendly, and responded quickly to any of our questions and emails. Your willingness to water our outside plants was a great gesture. While some people would see that as small, I see it as proof to your willingness to go the extra mile. When we were on our trip and read your email explaining how you gave Mojo her treats and played with the laser pointer, we were thrilled. You did everything we asked of you and we can’t thank you enough. Mojo was affectionate when we got home and we were confident she got the love and attention we hoped for while we were away. We will definitely use you again Thank you!!! ~ Adam, Lenda & Mojo


Our Buster is doing GREAT! Tony I am so glad that we were introduced to you and that we got the opportunity to work together. You were the missing piece to making little Buster the perfect Stec family pet. I really don’t know how things could have worked out if we did not receive your guidance and training. THANK YOU!!! ~ Cathy & Buster


I’m just happy to know I can go out of town without anxiety over the kind of care my pets are receiving.~ Rachel and my 9 Cats


The communication and friendliness with us as well as with our pets (kids) was fantastic, great service and would recommed it to anyone. ~ Christine, Wes, Mama & Fatso


You exceeded our expectations, great job!! ~ Linda, Warren & Sydney


I very much appreciate the attention you give Pepine during the time you spend with her. You’ve made me feel comfortable and confident to leave her in your capable hands. ~ David & Pepine


The cats were in good spirits when we got home, obviously well loved and the kitchen and dishes were cleaned which was a wonderful surprise. You went way above and beyond our expectations. In a dream world the only thing I would have done was brush the cat hair off the sofa = ), but seriously, you already did way more than we expected. Thank you.~ Maureen, Mike, Murphy & Denali


Dear Tony, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you guys taking Cody to the groomers today. Please if he has an employee file put this in as a letter of recommendation. I feel badly that I have had to rely on you both so much lately. As I mentioned to you when I left work to take Cody to the vets I was reprimanded> I was assigned a liver transplant today and there are a limited number of staff qualified to do these cases. I could not stay home short of a family member needing a kidney. I felt horrible leaving "my Baby" knowing he was sprayed by a skunk in the face and was worried about temporary blindness. Crazy Canines came once again to my rescue. You guys went above and beyond. To put a smelly dog in the car and take him to the groomers was beyond my expectations. He was so kind and reassuring when I spoke with him. And his note assured me the groomers found Cody a good boy. I truly though "Oh no he's going to be a nightmare." He hates baths, hates his nails cut and he is strong but sure you are not doing that to me. So thank you Guys. I am sure any neighbor who saw me at 5 am giving Cody a bath though that I was crazy. I came home to a good smelling, well dressed dog. Mad at me but willing to eat the muffin his Nana brought him when she came to check on him. So thank you again. My job is so horribly demanding I never feel like I spend enough time with him during the week. I don't go out the nights I have to work. Having you both makes me feel like I have an ally in taking care of him. The bottom line is he is a helpless animal; you two make it easier to care for him. I know he is in good hands. And I feel like you are both caring, kind, and intelligent. You would do what I would do for him (minus letting my mom give him a muffin). Thank you.~Amy & Cody


The detailed reports were wonderful and it told us you were really getting to know him well. The extra time spent with Buddy when he showed a need was eternally awesome. So good to know he was in such great hands!! ~Julie & Buddy


Professionalism, Personal Touch, and Flexibility. I felt confident having you care for my pets. You run your business in a very professional manner. When something unexpected arose (like cats breaking something) you improvised to keep them safe and to save my stuff from more damage. Thanks Tony ~Terry, Marius, Shadowfax & Birdie Girl


The detailed progress reports, overall cleanliness of the home upon return and the happiness of the dogs. Short of you moving in, not much could have been done better. ~ Marc, Lauren, Miami & Bailey


Tony, we can't thank you enough for your care of our Sheila. The professionalism and flexibility you show is exemplary, and has made us feel so safe leaving our child in your charge. We have had many other "dog walkers" before, but you have set a new standard for childcare. ~ Julie, Mike & Sheila


We appreciated how thorough you were-you went above and beyond. Your services are very professional and the detailed notes were a great surprise to come home too. Thank you so much Tony. ~ Lindsay & Isaac


You're so flexible and dependable and I have total confidence the girls are in great hands. I really appreciate the little extra things too- cleaning the dishes, pulling in the trash barrels- thanks so much. Tony, I'm so glad I found your site when I moved here- it's great to know the girls are in such good hands when I'm not around. I know they love you! ~ Jen, Abby & Grace


We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for Cooper. You have been such an instrumental part of his upbringing and we can tell that he loves you as well. Everyone should know about you.~Erik, Katie & Cooper


We appreciate the little things you do, taking up the barrels, filling the humidifier, being very flexible with scheduling and always finding the house just the way we left it- all locked up tight as a drum. We are so glad that we found you. Thank you for being Dodgers Buddy. ~Gina, Steve & Dodger


Tony your very dependable. I like knowing that I can count on you and trust you. Thank you. ~Melanie, Zoie, Diamond & all the outside Cats


It took me a long time to finally hire a dog walker-I talked about it for months, but was never comfortable leaving Lenny with someone else- until we met the right person. I know Lenny loves your visits and is in the best possible hands, the detailed notes of Lenny's strengths & daily challenges, the calls when Lenny doesn't go and the flexibility & professionalism, thank you. ~ Lisa & Lenny